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After inital setup the group will have a series of events that define its scheduled activity. The events button lets the leader manage these events.
  • Events may be added, deleted, and modified.
  • Facilities like courts may be reserved for events.
  • Group members may be scheduled to participate in events.
  • Confirming emails may be sent out and rosters printed for each event.
  • Scores may be recorded

Adding, Deleting, Modifying Events The event schedule page provides a modifiable summary of all the events defined for the group. You can update the information by typing...


Reserving Courts ****DEMO USE ONLY***The club makes up to six courts available for reservations by leagues and other sanctioned uses. ...


Scheduling Participants Scheduling participants to play in a given event requires use of the Schedule for <date> page accessible from the Calendar o...


Recording Scores Most league groups like USTA and JCCA maintain the results of matches in their own databases. It is not the intention of this website...


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