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Leader Features



The leader of a group has access to pages within the groups section of the website that:

  • control membership in the group either accepting applications or adding members directly from the database
  • control the events the group is participating in
  • reserve club facilities, like tennis courts, for events
  • schedule members to participate in particular events
  • send email messages requesting confirmation that members will participate in scheduled events
  • send email messges of general interest to group members
  • record the results of events including scores, participation, etc.

The leader can get a quick start establishing the group by selecting the "Setup" button on thier initial visit to the group pages. Events and Members allow the group leader to control the activities and membership of the group.


Initial Group Setup Initially the leader must ask the club manager or events coordinator to setup a new group with the leader as capta...


Events Button After inital setup the group will have a series of events that define its scheduled activity. The events button lets the leader manag...


Members Button The members button opens the group membership roster. It shows the list of members, their contact information, any payments they'v...


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