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Scheduling Participants



Scheduling participants to play in a given event requires use of the Schedule for <date> page accessible from the Calendar or from the Events page. From the Calendar click the date of the event you want to work on. From the Events Page click the Participants button on the row for the event you want to work on. The Schedule page will open.

This page shows all the group members and whether they are available for the particular event. The leader can select from the available members and schedule as many as she needs for the event using the radio buttons in the Sched Yes/No column of the Event Schedule page. The "Sched" button provides a quick way to schedule all the available members for the event and copies the event time and location to a modifiable field that can be set for each member of the group. If some members are to start at one time and others later, the exact starting time can be revised for each group member individually. This information will be included in the confirming emails created in the next step.

Pressing the Submit button will record the assignments in the database. (Submit must be pressed to save the selections)

Buttons across the bottom of the list of participants provide additional functions:
  1. The Print button provides a way to print a score sheet which may be taken to the event. For convenience all scheduled participants and possible substitutes contact information is included on the scoresheet.
  2. The eMailReminders button sends a message to all group members reminding them of the event and giving them the opportunity to update their status by clicking a link on the email. This message may be sent at any time and may be sent multiple times if desired. Practice shows sending a reminder 3 days to a week before the event with a followup reminder the day before the event works well.
  3. The emailConfirmations button should be clicked after the schedule of participants has been set (and saved by pressing the Submit button). An email will be sent to scheduled participants, but not the other members of the group. The email will include a link allowing recipients to optionally confirm their participation.

The group calendar tracks the status of each member with symbols that indicate whether the member is available or unavailable, scehduled or confirmed. The calendar provides a quick summary that shows which members of the group will be participating in the event.


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