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Recording Scores



Most league groups like USTA and JCCA maintain the results of matches in their own databases. It is not the intention of this website to duplicate or interface with those systems.

The scoring system was designed to meet the needs of the AMTA Thursday night league. That league plays three ten game sets, rotating partners after each set and records the cumulative game score 0-30 for each player. Scores are input and rankings updated using the Weekly Schedule page (leagueweek.asp). This is the same page used to set and confirm the list of scheduled players and to send reminders and confirmations, and to print the scoresheet the captain can take to the event. 

The system updates rankings based on performance and schedules future matches to pit the highest ranked players against each other on an ongoing basis. The system also tracks total games won and computes a net score resulting by dropping each players two lowest scores recorded during the ten match season.

Other scoring systems may be supported in the future. Contact the AMTA or the tennis coordinator if you have scoring suggestions.

Update Rankings Once scores have been recorded its time to change the event status from locked to closed. On the same page used to enter the scores, no...


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