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Initial Group Setup



Initially the leader must ask the club manager or events coordinator to setup a new group with the leader as captain. Once the manager sets up the new group it will appear on the leader's personalized list (their myAurora menu). The leader can click on this link to open the new group and begin to add members, events and make reservations.

The setup button makes it easy to get started by allowing the leader a single page from which they may:

  • provide a description of the group for the club website
  • schedule events and reserve facilities
  • record membership of the group to facilitate communications, scheduling , and scoring

Click the setup button. Fill out the top block with descriptive information about your group. If you want the group listed on page in the site the coordinator can arrange that for you (for example USTA teams may want their team pages to be linked under the USTA page in the Tennis section). You can provide a description of your group and a headline to run on the website home page. You can also define a message you want to communicate to the group members when you send email confirmations. Typically you would tell them of what they should do if their plans change. All of this descriptive information is optional.

When you first open the setup page, it will allow you to specify the events for your group. You can create several events at once by specifying a starting date, the interval between events and the number of occurrences. For example AMTA schedules 14 successive Thursdays by selecting a Thursday for the first date, and interval of 7 days and 14 for the number of occurrences. Once you have defined events you'll be able to modify the schedule later if there are exceptions or cahges to your schedule You must define events to be able to reserve facilities like courts.

Press the submit button to update the database before selecting members for the group.

Recording the group's membership is an optional feature that offers the captain several advantages in communicating with members and managing the schedule. If you want members to sign up for the group using the website you don't need to do any more until they actually sign up for the group. If you are going to add members manually select one of the organizations listed in the pull down menu to get a list then check either the captain or member box to the left of the names, then press submit at the bottom of the list to add as many members as you want.

The setup screen will remain available as long as your group is active.



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