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Members Button



The members button opens the group membership roster. It shows the list of members, their contact information, any payments they've made and their status within the group as a captain, regular member, or substitute member.

The leader will be able to click on a member's name to open and edit that member's schedule of availablity. Ususally a member will maintain their own schedule but the leader can also edit any members schedule of availability.

From the schedule screen the leader can select the Update button to edit the member's status, payments, ranking and remove the member from the group.

If members are signing up for the group on the web, the leader must accept each new membership application by updating the members record and assigning an inital ranking. New applications will appear at the top of the roster of names with a "Pending" button in the status field indicating that they have not yet been accepted. The leader should click the "Pending" button to accept or reject the application for membership. The acceptance feature is available so leaders can control their membership.

The initial ranking establishes the members ranking with respect to others in the group and is used by some groups as a ladder feature to indicate skill level or playing preference. The lower the ranking the better; a "1" is the best ranking.



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