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Update Rankings



Once scores have been recorded its time to change the event status from locked to closed. On the same page used to enter the scores, notice the pull down menu in the upper left of the page (just below the date of the event). It should say "Schedule Locked."  Click it to display the options and select "Event Completed." Scroll down to click the "Submit" button. The scores will be used to update the players rankings and the event will be removed from the calendar of upcoming events.

Rankings will be updated according to the league rules. A score equal to the league midpoint will cause no change. Scores higher than the league midpoint will cause the ranking to improve (decrease towards #1) by 1/2 ranking point for each game higher than the midpoint. Scores less than the midpoint will hurt the ranking by adding 1/2 point to the ranking for each game below the midpoint. The total ranking change allowed for a single match is 2 1/2 points. In a typical league playing a match of 30 games (3 sets of 10), the midpoint will be 15. If you prefer to play 24 games (3 sets of 8) the midpoint should be set to 12.


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