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Aurora Country Club at 5244 General Meyer Avenue in Algiers is a private New Orleans tennis and swim club located on 3 acres between General Meyer and the Mississippi River levee. Since 2002 the club has been using a web site application to publicize its existence to the public and to create unanimity of mind within its membership.

Consencis LLC provided the website on a trial basis. What does Consencis mean? Consensus is the noun indicating "unanimity, or agreement, especially in opinion; hence general opinion." It derives from the Latin word meaning to be of one mind or to agree. Consencis is the unanimity of mind needed to efficiently operate an organization and is achieved through information systems.

Unanimity of mind at Aurora includes advertising the leagues, tournaments and instruction, swim, fitness and summer camp programs to let the members participate and that keep unanimity of mind high. In the future we certainly be adding more features to the website as we judge whether an application like this can actually promote unanimity of mind.

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