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Reserving courts for a season



Once a group leader has scheduled the events in their season they may then reserve courts for each of the home events.

Open your group and select the Event button to open the Event Managment screen. The event managment screen for the group shows the list of events included in the season. The rightmost colum shows how many courts have been reserved for each event. A zero indicates no reservations have been made. Clicking on this number will open the court reservation screen for the day of that event.

The reservation screen shows the courts and time slots which may be reserved and which of those are available. Make a reservation by placing a check mark in the box corresponding to the court and time frame you need. Remove a reservation by removing the check mark. Press the submit button at the bottom of the screen to complete the reservation. All of your reservations appear in white boxes with black check marks and are changeable on the screen.

Courts reserved by other groups display a blue reserved indicator and are locked on the screen. Only the leader of the group that made a reservation (or a club manager) may cancel a reservation.


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