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Topic Pages



Topic pages provide a standard way to display information throughout the website. Each topic page displays the banner, main menu, descriptive text and images and a clickable list of subordinate topic pages. (This page is a topic page.)

Each topic page may also display buttons to activate processing appropriate for that page. The myAurora button to the right of this text is an example. Available processes include:

  • Participate will let you join a group or if you are already a member it will open the group pages
  • myAurora will add a page to your personal interests list
  • the Calendar button will open a calendar showing just the events associated with that topic
  • a Buy button and a price will display on any item that may be purchased
  • Add a Comment button appears on pages where management is soliciting member feedback

The contents of the topic pages is totally under the control of the club managment. They can create new pages, add and modify the text and images being displayed, and then delete any pages they no longer want. Pages can be linked to each other in simple hiearchies or in complex networks.



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