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Member Features



As soon as your signup has been completed, you will be notified by email and the group site will be open to you. Five pages are available for member use.

  1. Roster– lists the registered members and displays their contact information

  2. Events - shows the schedule of events

  3. mySchedule - allows you to indicate when you will be available to participate

  4. Calendar - shows who is available for each event

  5. Results - shows all results and running totals

Members should be sure to review their availability and update their schedules as necessary to avoid the need for finding last minute substitutes. If a member is unavailable they will not be scheduled and there is no need to find a substitute. Only when a member is scheduled to participate and a last minute change makes them unavailable will a substitute be needed.

Keeping the schedule up to date is an important courtesy members can afford their leaders.

Each week, a day or two before game time (according to group rules), the leader will schedule that week among the available members and substitutes. Once the captain determines the schedule for a week, the system will email all those who said they’d be available and let them know if they have been scheduled. If they have, the email will include a clickable link to confirm their participation.

The others may be asked to standby in case of last minute changes. After each week the captain will update the results and the process will repeat until all events on the schedule are complete.



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