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Personalizing the website



Personalization gives you quick access to the features you regularly enjoy in the website. Throughout the site there are buttons labeled myAurora. Pressing one of these will add the feature you are viewing to your personal list of interests at the club. Whenever you join a group that group is automatically added to your myAurora list.

Then use the MyAurora item on the menu bar as a quick way to access the features on the website that you use regularly. Each entry links directly to the page you were interested in You also use the myAurora page to prune entries that you no longer need. Your personalized list will be available each time you use the club site.

Personalization also lets you use the calendar theme "myInterests." When you select this theme a calendar will be displayed listing only those events tied to club activities you have added to your personalized list of interests.

Try it now. Click the myAurora on the right hand side of this page. Notice the message Interest Added is displayed beneath the button. Click on the myAurora topic on the main menu. You will see this page listed. Click it to return here.



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