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This application provides for a twenty minute period of inactivity before automatically ending a session with a user. This means if you sign in, you will remain signed in as long as you are actively using the system.

Sometimes high usage on the server will cause the server to prematurely terminate sessions. If this happens the system administator needs to file an incident report with the hosting service so they can move the application to a different physical server. Use the Information page to notify the system administrator if you are being logged off more quickly than twenty minutes since the last time you submitted a page.

An unfortunate side effect of the inactivity logoff feature has to do with editing pages. While you are using the editor, you are only running a javascript on your own computer. No communication to the server takes place until you click the submit button at the bottom of the page. If your are editing for longer than 20 minutes and you press submit, your session will have expired and your changes will be lost. The best way to avoid this is to submit chages in less than 20 minutes and then reopen the page to make further changes. You can also press Cntl-A to select all text in a block and then Cntl-C to place it in your computer's copy buffer before pressing submit.If you changes don't post, you can reopen the editor and press Cntl-V to paste your work back into the edit block and press enter again.

Coming Soon
In order to let you know if you are appraoching the time limit when your session will expire, each editor page contains a timer feature. 15 minutes after the page is opened it will pop up a message box saying "Time is up at 5:12AM. You should submit your work." The timer will not automatically submit your changes. If you are working on a page and get called away for more than 20 minutes the message box will warn you save your changes before restarting your session.


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